1- I have an idea.
2- I give a present to my mum.
3- I love him.
4- My friend take the pink notebook.
5- My brother goes to the cinema every week.
6- My cousin has got a dog called Tommy.
7- He buys a beautiful bag.
8- She eat pizza.
9- I hate the carrots.
10- I love spaguettis.
11- My friend listening to pop music.
12- I hate them.
13- My mum learn English.
14- My teacher is called Irene.
15- My dog is brown.
16- I hate the spiders.
17- My favourite film is Holiday.
18- I ask a difficult question.
19- I have a big problem.
20- My dad give flowers to my mum.

Espero haberte ayudado :)
IYuo are my father
Yu are my teacher
You are my mather
I have  a dog
I have a car
I have a plein
I have a bas
I have a uncle
You are my son
You are my cousin
You are my aunt
I am from Perú
My name is carac
My classmate kno wsome word
Today is my first day at work
I have a cat
You are my brother
I live en Brazil
I are married
I am 42 years from old