when cousin charlie arrived, my parents said to him "make yourself at home".and he did just that i share my bed room with charlie; he usually goes to bed early, and always wakes up with the roosters. charlie is full of sayings. one of his favorites is " early to bed, early to nise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise". the problem is that he sleeps with his bedside lamp on, and his alarm clock rings every morning before six, even on sundays. charlie has some really bad habits. he always leaves his clothes on the floor all over the bedroom ,and when they are dirty he usually helps himself to my clothes from the closet. he seldom combs his hair; and he rarely washes his hands before meals. charlie talks too much at table, and usually with his mouth full. after we eat, he leaves the table, and never helps with the dishes. now charlie has a girlfriend. so we can´t use the telephone in our house, because the line is always busy with charlie talking to millie i can´t stand it anymore. i wonder if charlie knows the saying: " some guests are like fish .after three days they steak" 
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