helly my nik name is uroboros and this sentences in english:

1.- I don't wanna go to the school
2.- They don't have enough experience
3.- He doesn't like her
4.- it doesn't matter
5.- She doesn't like swimming
6.- You don't know what i want
7.- I don't care anything
8.- I don't know what i need to do
9.- We don't listen music
10.- They don't have money

1.- I can eat everything
2.- you are great!
3.- I miss you...
4.- I hope you be fine
5.- I wish you good luck
6.- you are my best friend
7.- She is my girl friend
8.- They are cute
9.- She is beautiful!
10.- I love blond girls!

1.- Do you like me?
2.- Do they go to school?
3.- What do you do?
4.- Do you like swimming?
5.- Where do you go?
6.- Do we go the party?
7.- Where do they live?
8.- Do you want it?
9.- Do you love him?
10.- Do you enjoy it?

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necesito irme mañana a trabajar porque no tengo dinero para pagar las deudas de los bancos 

need to go to work tomorrow because I have no money to pay the debts of the banks