You are going to be a teacher 
I am writing a letter 
I am listening to the radio 
my dog is eating some meat 
your mother are cooking in the kitchen 
Present Simple Tense: El presente simple es una acción que realizamos cotidianamente o a diario, para este tiempo existe el modal auxiliar "Do/Does" que como verbo se traduce: Hacer, Crear,.. y también sirve para enfatizar oraciones. Oraciones:1. I do my homework - Yo hago mi tarea (Es algo cotidiano)2. I clean my room 3. I close the door4. You open the window5. You clean the car6. He drives a truck7. He buys a candy8. It rains9. It eats a lot10. We fix the rooms11. They watch TV12. We write a letter13. They answer the questions14. You ask for me15. He helps me