On one occasion my father, who always wore in summer a " Panama " white but not authentic imitation but the best that was achieved in Victor Nunez , was invited by his friend , the late Dr. Trino Peraza Ayala and wife Agustina , a Surplice your house in Punta del Hidalgo , on the occasion of the celebrations of boarding the Virgin of Carmen , which was customary . And he left his hat hanging on a hanger . After the ceremony , a real banquetazo and glasses of rigor , and the extraordinary fireworks display with artificial " palm " , the balloons and especially with the new launch from the beach to the sea shells skimmed the sea surface until it exploded upward, like a submarine volcano in multiple colors and after the exciting cross between the guests and the "stories" experienced by Dr. Peraza in his travels to Central and South America words , picked up his hat " Jipi " but really confused and really collected and " slang " was Dr. Peraza , yes it was authentic Panama .

It was a long time and watched my father that his hat fell very well and had a special sizing but thought it was due to improved cleaning .

And after a year, when the invitation was repeated in Punta del Hidalgo and my father covered with its beautiful Panama , upon entering the house and being greeted by Trino, says this: "Fortunately , I have finally recovered my Panama " you did not know you had been confused , which caused great hilarity and some consternation to my father who had to collect and recover his fake Panama .
Una anécdota propia porfavor, gracias
esta ancdota le sucedio a un familair mio