The Deputy Special Forces Navy SEAL AK Waters (Bruce Willis) and his elite squadron of tactical specialists are forced to choose between duty and humanity , between following orders by ignoring the conflict that surrounds them, or finding the courage to follow your judgment and protect a group of refugees innocent .

When the democratic government of Nigeria is overthrown and the country falls into the hands of a ruthless military dictator , Waters, a hard and loyal veteran, is assigned to a routine mission to rescue Dr. Lena Kendricks to ( Monica Belluci ) .

Dr. Kendricks , American citizen because of his marriage, is dedicated to serving the victims of the civil war that is taking place in a Catholic mission in a remote village. When Waters arrives , Dr. Kendricks refuses to leave unless he agrees to help transport the villagers to the nearby border , where they enjoy political asylum. If they leave , be at the mercy of the enormous rebel army.

Waters is under strict orders from his commanding officer Captain Bill Rhodes ( Tom Skerritt ) to stay out of the conflict. But when he and his men checked firsthand the brutality of the rebels, causing host Dr. Kendricks and put their lives in danger to escort the villagers on a perilous march through the dense jungle .

While travel on foot through the jungle, Waters team , consisting of experts in evasion and camouflage, is inexplicably attacked by a band of rebels. They do not understand what is happening until they discover that , among the refugees, is the sole survivor of the family that formerly ruled the country, and that the rebels had ordered his death at all costs. Waters and his small squad must put the life of this man and the refugees they feel obliged to protect their own.