Raul: Hello Maria, how are things? 
Maria : Fine, thanks. I do like this restaurant! Have you been coming here long? 
Raul: No, this is the first time. Someone recommended it. And I feel proud to be here with such a lovely lady! 
Maria: Oh thank you! That is a delightful compliment, Raul! 
Raul : I think that you're looking particularly beautiful tonight. 
Maria: Better than usual? 
Raul: No, you always look gorgeous. 
Maria: I expect you say that to all the girls. 
Raul: No, I save it up for special people. And you are a special person! 
Maria: I feel quite overwhelmed! You are a special person to pay such compliments! 
Raul: Well, as we agree that we're special people, let me propose a toast. Let us raise our glasses to drink to the health of special people! 
Maria: To special people and to a special occasion in a very special restaurant! 
Raul: And to many more such occasions in future! 
Maria: That is such a lovely thought.

oKI espero qw te sirvaa;xoxo

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1 johan: hi roxanna how are you?
2 roxanna: fine thanks and you?
3 johan:   fine how abaut you
4 roxanna: yes now i am going to graduate me this saturday 
5 johan: well this saturday execelent 
6 roxanna: if do you want can you go to looking me 
7 johan: yes this day is excelent i am free this day
8 roxanna: excelent 
9 johan: what time is your graduate? 
10 roxanna: is 10 am o´clock 
11 johan: well where is it ?
 12 roxanna: it is in the university of oxford 
13 johan: well i am going to be there 
14 roxanna: okey i am going to wait you 
 15 johan: okey but you can call me before your graduate is going to start 
16 roxanna: well give your phone number
17 johan: mi phone number is 55-7752.25 
18 roxanna: okey i am going to call you abaut 9 am 
19 johan: okey bye roxanna see you the saturday 
20 roxanna: okey bye i am going to wait ahh bye bye