¡La mejor respuesta!
1. I am going to the movies. (Voy a ir al cine)
2. Are you trying to quit cigars? (¿Estás tratando de dejar el cigarro?)
3. He is a very nice person. (Él es muy buena persona)
4. She will invite us to the party. (Ella nos invitará a la fiesta)
5. They are going to move. (Ellos se van a mudar)
6. We have been going to the gym together. (Nosotros hemos ido al gimnasio juntos)
7. It will change. (Eso va a cambiar).
8. They’ve never been here before. (Ellos nunca antes habían estado aquí)
9. That’s cool. (Eso es genial).
10. The weather is terrible. (El clima es terrible)
1-My cousin are very toys
2-My parents are on Madrid
3-I singing with my best friend.
4-My friend is very very beautiful
5-My parent is from United Kingdom
6-My cousin lives in France
7-The Justin's birthday is very fun
8-David Bisbal is a spanish singer
9-In Saturday I go to the particular classes
10-My cousin's name is Jorge