1.- I'm working on my  homework.
2.- She's reading the BOOK
3.- They are watching the TV
4.- We are going to the park
5.- You're talking.
6.- I'm waiting to the weekend
7.- Ana is washing the car.
8.- He is talking on the phone with his girlfriend.
9.- They're mailing a birthday present to Rosy.
10.- We're learning about present continuous.
11.- The teacher is writing the exercise on the blackboard.
12.- They're running a marathon.
13.- My sister is baking a cake for her boyfriend.
14.- David is cleaning the inside of his car.
15.- He's packing what he needs for his travels.
16.-I'm going to the sports centre.
17-.He's doing the homework.
18.-I am studing to be dentist.
19.-I writing to my cousin.
20-.She is going to the park.
21-.My hairdresser are cuting my hair at the moment.
22-.The girl is talking about movies.
23-.They are coming from england.
24-.The little boy is showing his dirty hands.
25-.The teacher is showing us how to speak english.
26-.I wont to be studying all the day.
27-.My wish is still being a famous actress.
28-.I'm saying that.
29-.He is having a shower.

1.The people are listening to the news
2.Su san es talking to her teacher.
3.The children are studying science nos.
4.The geese are swimming un the lake
5.My sister es making a cake forma muy birthday
6.I am not wearing muy new sunglasses toda y.
7.Carol es writing a letter to her new friend.
8.We are having a barbacue.
9.Dad es cooking steak.
10.Is Samantha taking photos with her new camera?
11.They are visiting their grandparents
12.George es having breakfast.
13.Is muy mother planting the flowers un the garden?
14.Peter is digging a hole un the park.
15.He is not travelling to Lo don.
16.Su san and her friend George are watching tv.
17.These mide are running un the guarden
18.They are eating che ese.
19.He always losing his keys.
20.I am always paying forma tour corte.
21.He es eating che ese.
22.Muy friend is taking a photo.
23.Peter is not doing his homework.
24.You are studying english.
25.Is Mary playing the piano?
26.I am being a good pupil
27.They are opening a dolor
28.He Is driving a dar
29. She Is dancing in the school
30.You are buying in the shop