Kelly is eating in her home at the moment.
Kelly is not eating in her home at the moment.
Is Kelly eating in her home at the moment?
 I'm working on my English homework.
 She's reading the newest Jane Green book.
They are watching a movie.
We are going to the park to feed the ducks.
 You're talking too fast.
 I'm waiting for a friend to arrive.
 Ana is washing the dishes.
 He is talking on the phone with his girlfriend.
They're mailing a birthday present to Rosy.

 We're learning about present continuous.
The teacher is writing the exercise on the blackboard.
They're running a marathon.
 My sister is baking a cake for her boyfriend.
David is cleaning the inside of his car.
 He's packing what he needs for his travels.
I am singing a song
you are swimming in the pool
we are having fun
I am helping you with your homework
my father is playing golf
the class is keeping silence
my son is running after the ball
the cat is chasing a mouse
I am driving my Porshe over 100 mph
I am watching my favorite TV show
you are going to be a teacher 
I am writing a letter 
I am listening to the radio 
my dog is eating some meat 
your mother are cooking in the kitchen 
some people are singing loud 
she is eating fast food 
my brother is studying in his room 
john is crying alone. 
my cat is sleeping in my bed 
my father is working in an office 
everybody is playing in the park 
the boys are asking some milk 
the girls are dancing in the night club 
I am watching TV 
my girlfriend is going shopping 
my cousin is traveling with her boyfriend 
he is looking for his keys 
the people are running this morning 
you are going to your english class
She is reading a book. 
I am watching TV. 
He is working hard. 
She is listening to the radio. 
He is sleeping now 
Tom is doing his homework. 
I am going to the cinema. 
They are playing tennis. 
We are dancing tango.
 camilo is answering your questions
 the bird is singing very beautiful
gerardo is fighting with marco
the plant is growing very fast
i am listening rock music
rosa is drinking her favorite drink
he is planting four flowers in our garden
they are painting a beautiful sketch
She is fixing the car
I am wearing my best t-shirt
I am going to the centre
I am wearing a blue shirt
I am walking along the street
He is wearing glasses
She is playing videogames
María is dressing up
My dad is travelling to Roma
My mum is prepairing the dinner
My brother is repairing the computer
My sister is playing with her dolls

I love you
I go to school
I run everymorning
She lives here
He dances
We sing in a chorus
They listen music.
You hate him.  
You cook a duck.  
My children watch TV.
I order my room. 
The theatre is full.
I drink tea. 
She eats meat. 
He sleeps well. 
She rests.
He walks a lot.
My dog jumps
The girls play. 
The cat is dirty.
The line is red. 
The bus is empty.
I break the glass.
I fell in love with you. 
My grandmother visits me. 
I go back home. Two cars crash. 
He doesn't speak. 
She likes movies.
They dream about future.
The baby swims. 
He opens the door.  
She smells fine.
She is kind. 
She drives fast.  
She buys food. 
The plane takes off
The file fails. 
The sentence is false. 
I say the truth.
The layer tell lies.
I think it's right. 
he boils water. 
The sun rises.
I work. 
He flies. 
She reads.
We meet a friend.
The pupil find the words in the dictionary.
He wants me to cook. 
he needs me.
I wash their clothes.
The flag is white and blue. 
The desks are brown. 
The blouse is ugly.
I types fast. 
Karen types slowly.
Gladys disturbs me. 
My boss is not handsome. 
Angelica's husband is ill. 
Whiteness makes me blind. 
The witness is in danger. 
I celebrate my life.