I wash my  car.
She can do it.
I am sleeping right now.
He will do it.
I sing with my sister.
I like to eat pizza.
I will do that thing.
She is walking.
He is jumping rope.
I drink coke.

I dont wash my car.
She cant do it.
I am not sleeping right now.
He wont do it.
I wont sing with my sister.
I dont like eating pizza.
I wont do that thing.
She is not walking.
He is not jumping rope.
I dont drink coke.

Do i wash my car?
Can she do it?
Am i sleeping right now? 
will he do it?
do i sing with my sister?
do i like eating pizza?
will i do that thing?
Is she walking?
Is he jumping rope?
Do i drink coke?

Espero haberte ayudado! ;) Suerte :*