The sun is shinning now.
The ocean is very deep.
The child plays with a balloon.
 The teacher corrects the homeworks.
The rain falls hardly.
The doctor called Henry.
The museum shows nice pictures.
The bedroom is upstairs.
The students are silent today.
The nights are cold these days. 
The dog of my mother is noisy 
The video games and the deports is very funny 
The last weekend i went to guadalajara 
The teacher is my uncle 
¡La mejor respuesta!
The cat is under the desk
the dog is eating a fish
the man is cooking a pizza
the boy is singing a song
the teacher is very strick
the men is crying
the man is happy
the man is sad
the woman is afraid
the man is very strong
the woman is waiting
the pizza is hot
the grandmother is angry
the man is sexy