Mira te sirve 
Mary: hi James, what are you doing? :) 
James: Hello Maria, i am playing the guitar 
Mary: oh that´s good, i had a lot of time that i didn´t hear you playing the guitar :/ 
James: haha i always play the guitar but nobody looks at me when i am playing, what about you? 
Mary: mm.. well.. i rarely play the guitar but i always play the piano =) 
James: i like piano but it is not my favorite :S 
Mary: haha we´re different persons but i love you (L) 
james i love you too forever(K) 
Mary: haha ok baby i have to go to my home to do my homework :/ 
James: i never do my homework :) 
Mary: Why not? 
James: because the music is my passion )= 
Mary: haha you´re always thinking in your music 
James: When will you play with me? 
Mary: haha well... i´ll be here tomorrow 
James: ok, i´ll wait for you, i´m taking your homework´s time.. you have to go to your home:/ 
Mary: yeah, that´s true! :) 
James: Bye, see you tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. 
Mary: Bye Bye! (K)! 

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