1. If I had a car, I would go to Madrid
Si tuviera un coche iría a Madrid
2- If I worked harder, I would pass the exam. Si yo trabajara más, pasaría el examen (la cláusula condicional es improbable que se cumpla, aunque no imposible).
3. If I ate more, I would be very fat. Si yo comiera más, estaría muy gordo (no es probable que coma más) Clasificación y comentario del que hace la pregunta
primer y segundo condicional, el segundo condicional habla de situaciones hipotéticas. Se forma usando If + past simple, would + infinitive. Las preguntas y las negaciones pueden cambiar el orden, pero la esencia de la frase es igual.
Ejemplos:1.-If he had a girlfriend, he’d be much happier?2.-If she spoke Mandarin, she would move to China?3.-If I had a bicycle, I’d ride it everywhere? 4.-If I lived in Germany I’d drink a lot of beer?5.-If Bob practiced more, he’d be a better golfer?
6.-If I didn’t speak English, I wouldn’t be a teacher?
7.-If she didn’t have a boyfriend, I’d ask her out.
8.-If you weren’t Argentinian, you wouldn’t eat so much beef.
Las preguntas son sobre posibles consecuencias de algo:
9.-Where would he live if he earned more money?
10.-Would you give me a hand if I needed it?
El segundo condicional puede hablar de las mismas situaciones, pero los vemos menos probables de ocurrir, por lo tanto la segunda parte de la frase es también improbable: (If + past simple, would + infinitive)
1.-If I you washed the dishes, I’d clean the living room? (I don’t really expect you to wash the dishes.)
2.-If she asked me, I’d help her? (It’s improbable that she’ll ask me.)
3.-If you married him, he’d be very happy? (You don’t intend to marry him.)
El segundo condicional puede hablar tambien de situaciones puramente hipotéticas:4.-If I were taller, I’d be a profesional basketball player? (In fact I’m only 1.83m.)5.-If I had more time, I would learn Arabic? (But I work 60 hours a week.)
Podemos hacer las frases condicionales de las dos siguientes maneras:6.-If he lived in Paris, he would study art? 7.-He would study art if he lived in Paris?
8.-If he earned a better salary, he would move to the suburbs?

9.-He would move to the suburbs if he earned a better salary?