All that I can think today is that i don't want to do homework. But i'm stuck because I have a lot of homework, and I don't know how to do it.  I just want to go to sleep and stop doing english homework.
Merlin works at the sunflower elementary school, she is young teacher. in her class there are twenty students and they attend to classes from monday to friday from eight to three. All the students like to study and they do their homework, get excellent grades at the quizes and tests, howover Patricia is the best student of the class, she always gets the highest grade .
mario is also the second bets student of the class, but right now he is having some problems at his house, because his parents fight a lot. merlin is worried about that because she always wants that her students are okay and are happy, specially because they are kids and the hope of the future. moreover the orther students try to support mario and help him with the homework and study for the exams. merlin wants to talk wiht mario's parents to see if they can stop fighting in front of him because this is causing a lot of problems  in his learning. mario is sad the most of the time and he dosen't want to play or hang around wiht his classmates, cause he started to feel that his parents behave like that for his fault