Si es interrogativa, siempre se inicia con DID y el verbo va sin conjugar 

Did you know where is my home?

Did we read the new book?

Did I forget the story?

Did they cut the flowers?

Did she smell my clothes?

Didn't you think the same?

Didn't she wash the dishes?

Didn't he stop the bus?

Didn't we cut the cake already?

Did she read my diary?

Didn't he put on his jacket?

Did he do his homework?

Did she see me in there?

Didn't they see it already?

Did he work at his house?

Did she already kick the ball?

Didn't we see that movie already?

Did she go to the gym ?

Didn't he walk to mall?

Did he play with his friend?

Did she eat the meal?

Did he sleep with him?

Didn't she love that book?

Didn't we brush our  hair already?

Did we laugh at that joke?

Did he dance with me?

Did she clean the room?

Didn't we work with  him?

Didn't they wait for them?

Did he sing that song?

Espero havberety ayudadl!!!!!!!rofl

1. Did you know where is my car?
2. Did we read the new book?
3. Did i forget the story?
4. Did she smell my clothes?
5. Did you see a big fire in the woods?
6. Did you bite the dog?
7. Did you go to play basketball yesterday?
8. Did you bite the dog?
9. Did she get the money?
10. Did you hear me?
11. Did you learn anything new?
12. Did I do the homework yesterday?
13. Did you sell the car?
14. Did i write the story?
15. Did i win the race?