1. ¿ Do you comb your hair everyday to go to the school?
a// no, i don't comb my hair .
¿ Te peinas el pelo todos los dias para ir a la escuela?

2. ¿ have that girls a very  big forehead?
a// sure, that girls have a very big forehead!
¿ tienen esas chicas t una frente muy grande?

3. Have you broke a bone sometime?
a// yes, when i was a child i have broke my bone so many times.
¿ Te has roto un hueso alguna vez?

4. ¿ Is she chest of drawers with her face?
a// no , i don't think so, she isn´t chest of drawers with her face
¿ esta ella comoda con su cara?

5. ¿ who have more freckles Albert Or Mario?
a// Mmm, i think that mario have more freckles than albert.
¿ quien tiene mas pecas albert o mario?

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