it constitutes the major part of the current cattle and descends, most likely the uro or primitive Bull, Eurasia, disappeared in the 17TH century.
Del toro in freedom is a peaceful animal, living in herds and while in them his defense of the danger is, as other many large herbivores, the flight.
It is usually peaceful although certain circumstances can make him a dangerous animal, especially when it is isolated. Basically they are jealous of the cows, what do the males to compete and show aggressive, breeding situations... fear... etc...
His way of fighting is pushing with the testuces (not with the horns) until one of them gives, this feature is that is used in bullfighting.the  toro is a large ruminant quadruped mammal, measuring two and a half meters long, and has a head armed with horns.
It has a highly developed skeletal system and a very similar to our nervous system (the human), which makes him feel the pain, fear, panic, etc.
The bull's horns are bone extensions that are covered by a tough epidermal layer, therefore, when they cut off the horns feel a great pain, it is as if they cut us a bone.
With impressive agility, you can reach a meter and a half tall.The Bull is the "husband" of cow and with it form a family, to raise their terneritos, just like MOM and dad take care of their children.
the toro, with the scientific name, Bos taurus, belongs to the genus Bos, which in Spanish means ox, or castrated bull; with the part naked thick and broad snout, flat front, smooth, thickened at the base and inserts horns enough back, tapered and bent out and back, short-haired, long tail with a brush at the tip.
The female is called cow; the yearling Bull, 27(2), and if mama, recental; two years, eral or calf; three, utrero, and of the four, novillo.