The Siberian Tiger is the largest, in sheer size, of all the tigers on the planet. Though the animal is highly endangered The white tiger is endangered because it is illegally hunted and killed by poachers for its beautiful fur or rosette. The other threats it is facing are inbreeding, changes in natural habitat and diseases There are only around 200 of the white tigers left in the world. White tigers are an Asian species, found from the frozen tundra of the Soviet Far East, south to the humid jungles of Malaya and Indonesia, and west to the hot, hardwood forests of India Tigers are a protected species all over the world. Even though it's completely illegal to hunt them, people are still slaying these beautiful creatures. Causes of its decline Today the greatest threat to the tiger are human beings. Bones and almost all tiger body pares have been used in traditional medicine. For their fur and destruction of habitat have reduced the wild population.