My pet is Luna. Luna is a little dog and her breed is miniature schnauzer. Luna is smaller than a wolf but bigger than a rabbit. Her hair is short and black, her legs and her mouth are white. She has a short tail and a small nose. Luna is very playful. She likes playing with balls, toys and other dogs. I like her because she is very fast and friendly. She sleeps in the kitchen in her own bed. Luna eats only dog food and a yogurt one day a month. She goes out for a walk four times a day, once in the morning, once at two o’clock, once at six o’clock and once at eight o’clock. This walks usually take about 15 minutes and she really loves them.
Luna is 3 years old and her birthday is in November, I always buy a nice present for her, last year I gave her a small red ball and she plays with it every day. I got her as a Christmas present and she was as small as the palm of my hand.
Every Sunday I take her to the park, where she can run without a leash. She's very happy there and she never leaves my side. She isn't feisty with other dogs and she is always looking for new friends. I think she is the most loving and intelligent dog in the world. Sometimes I feel she understands everything I say when she looks at me with her round brown eyes.
She is a very good companion and she is one more member of the family. She barks really loud when she sees strangers around our house so she is a good guard dog and she is very brave.
She is also obedient and easy to train, I taught her how to sit and give me her paw. She loves to sleep in my lap whenever I sit on the couch. luna and I are very good friends.