Hola me podrian ayudar a hallar los verbos en esto
my country, australia, is the only country that's a continent.it's in the southern hemisphere. it's a beautiful country with many things to see and do.
most australians live in towns and cities near the ocean.sydney is the largest city in australia. it´s on the east coast,and it´s almost always sunny and warm. sydney harbor is beautiful.



Los verbos son los que estan en mayuscula. En el caso del It's= it is, entonces por eso los separe. 
My country, Australia, IS the only country that IS s continent. It IS in the southern hemisphere. It IS a beautiful country with many things to SEE and DO. Most australians LIVE in towns an cities near the ocean. Sidney IS the largest city in Australia. It IS on the east coast, and it IS almost always sunny and warm. Sidney harbor IS beautiful.