Mary:  Excuse me, Is this the administration building?
Ana. No madam.  Im sorry.  This is the Counseling and students services building.
Mary:  Do you know where it is then?
John:  Yes.  It is located right in front of this one.
Mary:  Thank you very much! You two are very kind!
Ana: No problem.  We are new students also.  What are you studying?
Mary: Business administration, what about you guys?
John: We are studying that too!! We are going to be classmates then! 
Mary:  Good to know then guys!  My name is Mary. Nice to meet you
Ana: Nice to meet you too.  I guess we are going to see you in class tomorrow.
Mary: Yes, you two have a good afternoon, See you and thanks again!
John and Ana. Youre welcome Mary.  see you