hola!me podeis decir que palabras de las siguientes son verbos en ingles? gracias

In this picture I was 4 months and was with my cousin and my grandfather. They were doing us a photo.In this photo it was with my mother and my godmother. We were resting, because my baptism was a few days ago.

When I was 2 years old, I was in the park playing.Here I was 3 years old. I was leaving school.

In this one I was with my father, one of my cousins and my grandmother. We were in a park.When I was 4 years old , It was celebrating the end of the course of 4 years.

In this one this in 5 years to primary graduation.

Here was 5 years also. I was picking up my birthday gifts.

When I was 6 years old , I was in the Park having fun. It was also riding bike.

Here I was with several companions: Maria, Leire, Nerea, Mariana... We were hoping to made the performance of goldilocks.

In this picture I was 10 years old. I was on a slide, in a park of Las Rozas.

This picture was taken in the summer of 2013. I was meeting a small girl named Patricia.

When I was 9 years old, It was home of Julia, doing a project. It was also Houría and Leire.

This image was in Valencia in ``the city of the arts and the Science´´

porfavor lo necesito urgente para un proyecto de ingles q tego q entregar mañana!! porfavor!!


Los verbos son:

doing, was, resting, celebrating, picking up, taken y meeting
solo pues muchas gracias pero yo necesitaba 10! pero muchisimas gracias!
se me olvido, tambien hoping
vale gracias!!
pero were no es un verbo?
perdona pero creo q tu me has dicho solo los verbos irregulares porq playing tambien es...