Lissa: Hi didi, so I was thinking of going to the mall. maybe you would like to come with me?
Didi: Oh my god, thank you, I actually need to buy new clothes.
Lissa: Perfect, then I'll pick you up around 20 mints?
Didi: Yeah that perfect for me.
Didi: I'll get dressed now.
Lissa: that's a good idea. I might be downstairs earlier.
Lissa: say hi to your mom for me. :)
Didi: haha she says hi back. she says you should come over sometime, and have dinner.
Lissa: aww she is so sweet. Lets plan something for later. school is keeping me busy lately.
Didi: okay, yeah its also keeping me busy too. fine, see you in a while.

A: Hey! Is Martin OK? 
B: He doesn't feel very well... I think he ate something bad 
A: He should drink some water... maybe it works 
B: He doesn't need water! 
A: Yes he does! It's very hot today, and I am sure that he is thirsty.. 
B: He doesn't wante to drink anything, he doesn't want to eat... He just wantes to sleep but He can't... 
A: Why can't he sleep? 
B: Because he is really sick-- 
A: Okay I gotta go, I hope he fells well tomorrow. Bye! 
B: Bye 
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