necesito resolver un trabajo dice: write the correct form of the adjective for each sentence. 1. it is __________ (dark) now than it was just five minutes ago. 2. if you are lucky, you will win the __________ (fabulous) prize! 3. i think christoper´s plan is ______________ (realistic) than the other´s we¨ve considered. 4. i saw the ____________ (amazing) magic trick today. 5. that computer salesman was the________ (persistent) i have ever met. 6. when i was a kid i was the_______(good) swimmer in my school. 7. those french fries taste__________(bad) than cardboard. 8. your idea is__________(crazy) than any other i¨ve heard. 9. this steamroller has the_________(powerful) engine. 10. the native indians were ________(hostile) than the settlers had anticipated. 11. i think that this toys has________(good) educational value than that one.




! darker 2. most faboulous 3  more realistic 4.  (amazed)  6. best 7. worse  8. crazier 9. the most powerful... 11. better   / es solo usar comparativos y superlativos...