M going to buy drinks "and" snacks.
I am going to your party, "but" a little bit late.
Are your parents going to the meeting "or" not?
"Although" I'm going to stay, I don't care.
They're not going to leave "because" is raining hard.
He's not going to dance "because of" you!
I am going to eat and sleep.
I am not going to eat nor sleep.
Am I going to eat and sleep?

I am going to sleep, but there's too much noise.
I am not going to sleep, but I am tired.
But why am I going to sleep if I'm not tired?

I'm going to buy a new dress although I need the money to pay the rent.
She is going to study tomorrow because she has a test.
Are you going to eat that piece of cake?
Emma and Mary were going to play a tennis match but it rained.
He was going to go to the beach but he couldn't because of the rain.

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I'm going to the park
i'm going to the doctor
i'm going to the party
i'm going to the movie
i'm going to the house
i'm going to the zoo
i'm going to the street
i'm going to the restaurant
i'm going to the kitchen
i'm going to the bedroom
lo mismo     the bathroom
                    the shop
                    the hospital
                    the hotel
                    the club
                    the library