Mother description:
Miy mom is one of the most important things that i have in my life, because she brings me security, affect love and all that i need. She is ever with me and i wouldn't change wer for nothing is this world.  physically she is beautiful. And she is the best mom of the world!. When i'm sad she understand me and support me, when i'm happy she is happy too, when i have problems she try to help me, and when i'm excellent in something she is proud of me, but the most important things she is always with me, and isn't only this, she have to many jobs, when i'm sicks she made of doctor , when i'm hunger she is a cooker, when i'm tired she made of masseuse, when i don't understand something in the school she made of teacher. In conclusion a mother is a superhero, and you know what, i love my superhero mom.
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