Diana is very funny when she is tired.
He is very serious,because his father was murdered.
She is very shy at the beginning,but when you know her she becomes crazy.
Enrique is angry,because his brother broke his favorite toy.
I am very happy,because I had a 10 in my Grammar exam.
I'm not lazy,I was born tired.
Liam is very honest,with his family and friends.
The fox is clever and lives in the woods.
Mary is bland at school but not at her house.
Pablo is very selfish and he is always seeing himself in the mirror.
Teresa is very generous,she is nice with the others,and helps the poor.
I am very grateful,because I have an awesome family.
Susan is very punctual,she is never late for school.
Ruby is very spoiled,she gets what she wants when she wants it.
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I like funny people.
My boss is very serious.
A shy person is who doesn't speak a lot.
My mum gets angry very often.
I was happy with the news.
My brother is very lazy at school.
A president must be honest.
She's a clever person.
A selfish person doesn't sheare anything.
Poor people usually are generous.
She was grateful with her mum after her birthday party.
Argentinian people don't are punctual.