-Rosa: Hi Maria how are you as you been? Long time no see , these little lost
-Maria : Yes it is something I've been busy with work , my husband and children. But all is well . Things are going perfectly. And you, how you do ? You married ?
-Rosa: Oh it two years ago , called Jorge . Here he comes , we were shopping. Honey I want you to meet an old friend. He is Jorge Rosa
-Jorge : Hi how are you , how long are known ?
-Rosa - Maria : Uff ! since high
-Jorge : How strange , Rosa never told me you where you live?
-Maria : It is good that we have distanced ourselves a little, five years ago I moved to New Jersey and I lost contact.
-Rosa: So , then came the responsibilities and already know.
-Jorge : Well baby and we have to go , Maria was a pleasure to meet one of these days we communicate together for lunch to catch up .
-Rosa : It was good to see you after so long
-Maria : For me it was a pleasant surprise, soon we will communicate to also meet my husband.
-Maria - Rosa - Jorge : So long.