en las dos cosas me puedes ayudar porfa
ok en ingles stas
pero es pregunta y respuesta son interrogativas
What's your name? My name is Juan Cjamarca Where are your pens? It's in my backpack Do you like ice-cream? Yes, I like
Where's the backpack? It's under the desk Where is the cell phone? It's in the backpack. Where's the television? It'sin front of the desk. Where's the chair? It's behind the desk.
Aii stan en ingles


-are you speak english?
-Are you in the kitchen?
-What do you mean?
-Can i hepl you?
-Are you paying atention?
-Am I lovely?
-What about you?
-Do you agree?
-Am I inteligent?
-Are you sure?
x fis :)
How are you? I'm fine.
Who are you? I'm Lili.
Is it cold? No, it isn't
Is it sunny? Yes, it is.
Is he your brother? No, he isn't.
Are you tired? No, I'm not.
Are you watching TV? No, we are not.
May I help you? No, thank you.
de nada
¿como te llamas?
¿donde vives?
¿que fumas?
¿cual es tu numero?
¿quiers sexo?
¿cuantos años tienes?
¿cuantos anos tienes?
¿tu mama es  trabajadora?