1-she ate chicken
2-i went to the store this morning
3-i flew to paris the last year
3-talked to my dad
4-he did his homework
5-my sister cleaned the room
6-i drank beer on saturday
7-i liked that song
8-the phone rang early
9-I woke up late
10-i fell asleep early last night
11-i made my dinner tonight
12-my brother dissapiared tonight
13-i sang a song that night
14-i did the laundry
15-i came late to my class
16-i had a car
17i deleted all my old memories
18-i listened rock before
19- i had a bad dream last night
20-i was a kid 



1-she didnt eat breakfast
2-i didnt take shower today
3-i didnt do my homework
4-i wasnt ugly before
5-you werent in my home
6-she wasnt clean
7-i had not a house before
8-i got stomach in the morning
9- i didnt came to school yesterday
10-i didnt like chinese food before
11-i didnt sleep well last night
12-i didnt travel last year
13-my mom did not came today
14-my cousin didnt go to the party
16- she wasnt nice to me
17-i didnt go to the store
18-i did not the laundry this week
19- i didnt go to work
10-they were bad on the test
He is not working 
they are not dancing 
he didn t see a ghost 
we didn t see a movie 
he is not playing football 
she didn t see a film. 
he doesn t play 
she doesnt like milk 
he didnt watch tv 
i didn t go to school yesterday 
we doesn t like rock music 
she didn t play 
he doesn t go 
we don t shave 
we don t eat 
they don t feel 
he is not slepping 
she is not swimming 
he is not reading 
she didn t paint 
they are not having dinner 
we are not tired 
she is not boring 
he is not ready 
we are not drinking

Espero Q' t sirva *-*