sobre cualquier tema
ok es un paragraph
sí pero un poco más largo
ok tienes q dejar un espacio de dos dedos, luego empieza: i was in the night when somthing especial has happened , es un ejemplo abla en pasado
pero escríbeme el texto completo plis


As you know i am looking for a job and i receved two calls, one from a Coffee restaurant, and another from store departament. You're asked me what of these works seems to me more fun? I think in both places is very interesting because, you need to talk and attend all kind of people like that you meet persons and at the same time you practice English but, In my opinion I think it's more better and fun work in a coffee restaurant place because, you will be very busy and you won't be able to see the clock. The store departament is more bored, you need to wait until the client see all the sale things.