1. Have you got any spare pen? Mine is not working anymore.
2. I have one spare pen, I suppose.
3. I have one younger brother and two older sisters.
4. I have enough money for two tickets, don´t worry.
5. We can call a cab, I have my cellphone with me.

Don´t have:
1. I don´t have enough money to pay for both of us.
2. I don´t have time to waste, I am in a rush.
3. We don´t have a dog, we have two cats.
4. I don´t have any brothers.
5. Don´t you have your phone with you?

Doesn´t have:
1. He doesn´t have internet connection at his house.
2. She doesn´t have a boyfriend, I am more than sure about it.
3. Sheila doesn´t have cancer, her test results came back clear.
4. Tom doesn´t have the worst grades in his class, but he definietely could do better.
5. My mother doesn´ have time to read recently, she is working all the time.