Necesito un párrafo de ingles mínimo de 20 lineas, acerca de las vacaciones por ejemplo que fui a la playa con mi familia y amigos, jugué pool, futbolito de playa, estuve en una clase de de bailoterapia , luego algo de ver peliculas en mi casa con mis amigo descansar de la universidad comprar ropa en centro comerciales y cosas asi por favor lo necesito ya por favor




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I went to the beach with my family and friends, I played pool, beach soccer, and I was in a kind of bailoterapia, some of my friends were watching movies in my house. I made many friends, but the best part was going to the beach, go out to walk at night with my friends, make bonfires and tell horror stories.

My mom said that these hollidays have been the best and that's right, also I learned surfing. Later, in a long but beautiful night, we went to the hotel, it was so elegant had a large bed where I wanted to sleep all day, but it was impossible I had to get up early since we were going to go all over the city, we went out looking for food, then we went to see more sights, the city was beautiful, the sand beach, the sun, but then I was very tanned, even thought it was worthy because I spent a wonderful holliday, and nothing better than being with your best friends, and take pictures to remember.

To sum up, it was perfect! We also have pools in the hotel with artificial waves, hot springs and everything you can imagine.

I won't forget my vacations because they were very interesting. I used to get up at 9 o'clock and take my breakfast quickly, because after eating I went to play soccer in an old soccer field with my friends. I arrived at 2 pm to eat lunch with my family. My mother sometimes cooked spiced ham with rice, I accept that it was delicious. Then, I played videogames until 7 pm and suddenly I chatted on Facebook with my friends. I went to bed at 12 am without eating. This is like my vacation's routine, haha. 

Going shopping with firends, watching a movie in the cinema, taking long walks in the park and stay in my friend's house were the special things that I did. I will not forget a special day: My friends and I decided to go to the beach and relax for 3 days. We traveled between 1 or 2 hours by car. I was so upset because I didn't do any special thing in my vacations. When we saw the deep sea in the scenery we got excited! 

We checked up in the hotel and we started to enjoy our last days off. I met a boy who was very kind and generous with me. That night he invited me to dance in a beach party near the hotel. I accepted the request and I enjoyed the whole night with him. He left me in my room, I don't remember how because I was drunk.