Necesito 5 oraciones con verbos irregulares y 5 con verbos regulares

cuales son los irregulares y los regulares ? te puedo ayudar...
oraciones en ingles 5 regulares y 5 e irregulares
IREGULARES: you have to respect people older than us 2.- get up early that you are going to be later 3.- this bear is very angry 4.- begin doing their own homework 5.- that offer this mismath ya estan los irregulares


Regulares: 1.- You have traveled a log way to get here. 2.- I really liked his play 3.- I have played soccer since I was three. 4.-He totally enjoyed tonight's game 5.- Zoe loved the book Aaron gave her. Irregulares: 1.- I didn't want to go. 2.- Se was really into James. 3.- I got out before anyone noticed me. 4.- I had a blue notebook last year. 5.- I read a very interesting article.