1.-Where are you from?                         I’m from Quito
2.-What shall we do this evening?          Let’s go see a film. 
3.-Where do you want to go?                  I want to go shopping. 
4.-Who was he talking to?                       With my sister.
5.-Who are you calling?                         I'm calling Michael.  
6.-Do you study or work?                     I`m study
7.-Whats your favorite movie?         my favorite movie is twilight i just see it on monday
8.-Do you like computers?            yes i love them because we can talk , see videos , we can use internet ,listen music and etc. 
9.-Did you live in a department building?       no , i dont like to live there i felt like with no space. 

pero solo con what kind?
perdon amigoo y ya no quieres o si quieres aun
si xfa
1 - where are you from?
I'm from Spain
2- what are you doing?
I study
3- do you like computers?
Yes , I like
4- do you watch the TV ?
No, I don't
5- what do you wear?
I wear jeans
6- do you like this song?
Yes , I like
7- what do you do in this weekend?
I go to the cinema
8- What is your favorite animal?
My favorite animal is dog
9-what is your name?
My name is ...
10- what is your favorite color?
My favorite color is blue
10 4 10