1. What did you do with your plane ticket?
I placed the plane ticket in my purse.

2. Where did you move to ?
I moved to Spain.

3. When did you leave to Spain?
I left on December.

4. Who did you see at the airport?
I saw all my family at the airport.

5. Why did you have to leave?
I left because I wanted to study abroad.

6 .How did you like the trip?
I liked the trip very much.

7. What type of clothes did you buy?
I bought a pair of jeans and a blouse.

8. Where did you buy them?
I bought them at Sears.

9. When did you wore them?
I wore them on Satruday.

10. Who did you ask to for help at the store?
I asked the store attendant for help.
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