I wish I hadn't taken your advice. 

I wish she could have come

I wish this car would go faster.

I wish you would stop talking

I wish they would stop arguing.

I wish I knew the answer. 

I wish I were better at sports. 

I wish I were taller.

I wish I was taller

I wish I was going with you 


If only I hadn't lost all my money. Now I'm broke.

If only she had seen the doctor earlier. He could have saved her. 

I am sorry I don’t know how to use the computer.If only I  knew how to use it.

If only can be more emphatic than I wish. 

If only I had more money! (= but I haven't)

If only I was going on holiday with you!

If only you were here. (= but you re not)

If only the sun would come out!

If only you could be here! (= but you're not)

If only I'd listened to you! (=but I didn't )

If only he could have explained! (=but he wasn't able to)


¡La mejor respuesta!

-I wish you were here

-I wish I could be there

-I wish to be working with you

-I wish you can come

-I wish to be perfect

-I wish to sit down

-I wish I could write

-I wish I can play guitar

-I wish to be at home

-I wish to have children


-If only I didn't get so angry with him

-If only he didn't marry Tina

-If only he hasn't married Tina

-If only she loved me,  I'd be the happiest guy ever

- If only I had money, I'd travel all around the globe

-If only I had a big house, I would have a dog

-If only I didn't live in an apartment, I would have a dog

-If only I was there, I'd be watching a movie with you

-If you are only my friend I'm sad

-If I only was a dog, i would be happy