Dear Bob,

I'm on vacation in Honolulu, Oahu and this place is beautiful! I'm having a really good time. I arrived a few days ago, and was able to visit the beaches, Diamond Head volcano, the Polynesian center and the Iolani Palace. The beaches are my favorite, of course. The water is so clear and warm and it's ideal for snorkeling. I visited the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, which was simply spectacular. They have a lot of restrictions for visitors, because millions of people visit every year and they want to preserve the area.

Yesterday, I visited Diamond Head volcano and that was another great adventure. Thank goodness, I came prepared with a hat, water and a flashlight. There's no shade on the trail to the rim of the volcano and there's a tunnel on the way there, hence the flashlight!

Everything here is lush and green and just amazing. I have also been enjoying the food and local waterholes. I attended a luau with roasted pork, chicken, tons of vegetables and poi. It's like a porridge made from the taro root and unfortunately, I didn't like it much. I guess it's an acquired taste.

I found two great spots, one is "Cheeseburger in Paradise" that had really good burgers. The other was "Boots & Kimo," a small place where mainly locals eat and they have the most delicious pancakes with macadamian syrup!

I've also been to a couple of bars... Kincaid's with a really good happy hour and the Mai Tai Bar that featured live music and cheap drinks... but potent!

Anyway, I wish you were here Bob, because I'm having the time of my life... take care and see you in a few days, Laura
Dear Ann,  
I was very glad to hear from you. I haven't written for ages because of my school activities.   Now I want to tell you about my winter holidays. I was very happy! I didn't have to get up early in the morning and run to school. I could stay in the bed till midday. But I didn't want to sleep. There were a lot of things to do. 
The weather was fine so my friends and I went to the skating- rink almost every day. It was fun! Then I spent a week in the country where my grandfather and grandmother lived. It was great. I drank milk and eat a lot of tasty food which my granny prepared for me. I have many friends in this village because I go there every holidays. We went to the forest to ski, we made snowmen and played snowballs. We even play hockey! But the winter holidays were over and I returned to the city again.  I liked my holidays very much.  
That's all for me today. I have to go to a school club.  
Best regards to your family.
Write soon.  
Yours Maria