Write a small article on how to prevent accident either at school or home
60 words length

good to start you have to be very careful at home and at school
not play or do all kinds of things with knives or any sharp object without adult supervision.
Nor should seek pleintos with people falling ill will or any type of person, you fall ill or well.
I hope that helps you.
espero que te ayude
ñemmm no ya no gracias ya me la contesto alguien:)


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Given that accident "is an undesired event that results in material loss or injury to persons," we have all suffered accidents. A smaller, more serious ... and there's usually a justification for them. In road accidents, with some frequency mentions involved unable to "dodge the other vehicle who hit me" or office cuts inflicted when handling paper, which are very painful-justified with phrases like "I never imagined that a paper cut would "obviously, there are also justifications for accidents in the plant and machinery for slips.