I was eating when he arrived. (Yo estaba comiendo cuando él llegó).He was training so hard for the competition. (Él estaba entrenando muy duro para la competencia).She was happy to see you. (Ella estaba feliz de verte).It was weird. (Eso fue raro).They were mean. (Ellos eran groseros).We were hungry. (Nosotros teníamos hambre).You were much younger. (Tú eras mucho más joven)I was angry. (Yo estaba molesta).You were about to sleep. (Estabas a punto de dormir).He was acting like crazy. (Él estaba actuando como loco).
Where were you ? i was at laura's place
were you doing homework? no i wasn't
where was the notebook? it was on my locker
what was the incident? i girl fall from the stairs
were you playing football? no, i was running
were they sleeping? yes since 8 o'clock
was the party too long? no
was the phone ringing? no it was the television
were they smoking? no they were doing an experiment
was laptop broken? no the pillow protect it

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