Es muy sencillo espero ke te sirva : 

- Excuse me. I am the new Student.. Where is the bathroom?, 
- Is over there, 
- Oh thank, sorry, what time is it ? 
- Half past ten. 
- Are you teacher ? 
- No im not, iam student too... 
- Oh thats ok.... 
- See you 
- Bye
espero que te sirva!:)
me lo puedo inventar
mm ok ok bueno siva
espero que el que te pase te sirva
A: Hi, Pete! How was your weekend?
B: Pretty good. I went to the country with my family.
A: Did you have a good time?
B: Oh, I had a lot of fun. I went swimming in a river, I went hiking in the woods, I rode on horseback...
A: Sounds like you enjyoed yourself big time.
B: I surely did! What about you? What did you do?
A: Oh, nothing much. I just stayed home and watched TV all day.
B: That doesn"t sound like much fun.
gracias me sirven los dos