Do you write?
yes,I do      
Do they walk ?  
yes,they do
do we speak english and spanish?
yes,we do
do let your sister ride your bicycle?
No,you dont
do you like the english?
no,I dont

does he call your grandmother before your get home from school?
yes, he does
does sheput those books alway after you read them?
no, she doesnt


1) Do you speak English? 
    Does she speak English?
2) Do they play football every Sunday? 
    Does Nick play football every Sunday? 
3) Do my friends visit me on Monday? 
my friend visit me on Monday? 
4) Do we have a nice large car park?
5) Does sshe drive at her work every day?
6) Do my parents and I often go to stay with our relatives in Krakow?
7)  Does Nataly use the site of educational programmes?
8)   Do I  make a request and receive any necessary information?