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Robin of Locksley , Robin Hood or Robin Fitzhood are just some of the names attributed to the historically popular Sherwood Bowman , whose history is rooted in a series of English ballads and medieval legends who initially present us a simple to turn highwayman with time a vigilante outlaw and finally a nobleman unjustly stripped of their land.
He had been as an outlaw after killing a deer king and a man who dared to question his virtuosity as a goalkeeper . Offered by him two hundred pounds . In the forest, his restless spirit and his ability to take you to find hero adventures, you always come out the poorest beneficiaries.
literary sources
The first handwritten references to Robin Hood is in Piers Plowman ( Piers Plowman ) by William Langland in 1377 , where the priest Sloth says , "I know the rhymes of Robin Hood" . Years later , the Scottish chronicler John Fordun writes that the characters of ballads, Robin Hood "is the one I like ."
At the beginning of the sixteenth century, when many are printed ballads , Robin appears in them as a gentleman ( gentleman ) , name given at this time independent traders or farmers. Be only towards the end of the century acquired a peerage and took the name of " Robin of Locksley " or " Robert Fitz Ooth , Earl of Huntington ," and begins to be a situated character around 1190, when King Richard I Leon leaves for Jerusalem during the Third Crusade. The romantic association with Marian (or Marion , sometimes also called Matilde ) dates from this period. The Romantic poet John Keats referred to as the central character in the poem he dedicated to Robin Hood in the early nineteenth century.
It is in this century Robin Hood becomes a rebel Saxon fighting Norman lords and appears in Ivanhoe (1819), Walter Scott. The novelist recreates this period in his novel , which chronicles the conflict between the Normans and ancient Saxons. There appears Robin of Locksley , with his gang of archers , allied to the hero of the story, a Saxon nobleman returning from a crusade in which he fought with Richard the Lionheart , brother of John .
In the work of Howard Pyle , The Adventures of Robin Hood 1883 , except Marian, are all characters that later appear in the countless adaptations of the legend.
The different recreations include roughly the same episodes : Robin 's meeting with Little John in the forest and fight with sticks on a log crossing a stream , the emergence of rogue Friar Tuck in the woods and catching; mockery Robin the sheriff in the archery contest , in which Robin participates disguised eyed beggar rescue Will Stutely , a large number of battles with the sheriff's men , the return of the king right , Richard the Lionheart and marriage Marian .

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