Miguel: hi friends, how are you?
Gabriel y Laura: we are fine, thank you.
where were you going last vacations?
Miguel: I went to Italia, just to Rome.
Gabriel y Laura: Really, it sounds wonderfull
Did you visit the Coliseo?
Miguel: Yes, and I was imprest of that.
Gabriel y Laura: How long did you stay at Italia?
Miguel: Just one week. I had would like to be more time
but is expensive for me.
Gabriel y Laura: and what can you tell us about meal?
Miguel: It is very delicious, specially meats, and wine.
Gabriel and Laura: and what about girls?
MIguel: oh my god, they are beautiful and very friendly.
Gabriel and Laura: so, did you go back for next vacations?
Miguel: oh yes, I think so, but maybe I could not, because I will have no enough money for that.
Miguel: Okay my friends, I have taken about me, but what about you? Where did you spend vacations?
Gabirel and Laura: Just here at home. Our parents don't have enough money to send us on vacations.
Miguel: oh my God. that's is sad, but I hope some day you can travel for vacations.
Well, I have to go. Nice to see you. Have a nice day.
Gabriel and Laura: okay, see you later. Have a nice day.
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