1. You are a useless
2. Your mother is my girlfirend
3. I think you are not listening your english classes
4. You are losing the time, you will never gonna learn english
5. You need a book, stop search pictures of nude girls on
6. You sick me
7. You are an ass
8. You are a good for nothing
9. Stop asking for help, you need do your homework
10. My teacher like to do monkeybusiness
11. You are son of the milk man.
12. Your mother works outside of a porn movie theather
13. I feel shame of you
14. You are the worst student of english
15. You need to learn about responsability
16 . Your girlfriend is mine tooo
17. You need a life, search it.
18. You need to look for someone to tell you about the nevel of your 
19. You need to do the things by yourself
20. Look for your mother, she is working right now