¡La mejor respuesta!
He is not working 
they are not dancing 
he didn't see a ghost 
we didn't see a movie 
he is'n playing football 
she didn't see a film. 
he doesn't play 
she doesnt like milk 
he didnt watch tv 
I didn't go to school yesterday 
we doesn't like rock music 
she didn't play 
he doesn't go 
we don't shave 
we don't eat 
they don't feel 
he is not slepping 
she is not swimming 
he is not reading 
she didn't paint 
they are not having dinner 
we are not tired 
se puede hacer con la contracción (didn't, doesn't) o sin la contracción (did not, does not, etc)
I don't speak french
she doesn't listen to music
we don't go to the cinema today
they aren't stupid.
you don't draw his picture.
Todas las frases están presente simple