20 oraciones con verbos en con presente pasado y futuro

me parece que para hacer esto estas capacitada, a este lugar se va a aprender, no a que te solucionen los deberes hombre!
búscalas en internet ai te aparecen todo lo k pides y más parte son fáciles
Pero que decis de internet, pero si esta chupado, tardara mas en encontrar una pagina con esas frases que en pensarlas y escribirlas!!


1. He did the homework 
2. He was playing soccer 
3. She went to Italy 
4. I played in classes 
5. The birthday was 
6. She played with her cousin 
7. We did not do the job 
8. They participated in an activity 
9. He ate too 
10. She lost the race 
I will go Mexico next Summer.
He will be a good lawyer, he is very intelligent.
My cousin will be absent today, she is sick.
School meeting will be boring, same old same old.
Mexico will play against Costa Rica two weeks from now.
Your mom will be angry if you don't have a good excuse!
Will we beat them?. They are a good team.
I will call you later, now I am tired.
Who will win the next world soccer cup