Nesecito 3 oraciones que sean presente continuo.

El tiempo Present (presente) responde a la pregunta: What happens? = ¿Qué pasa? o What is happening? = ¿Qué está pasando?. Se forma: Sujeto + verbo en presente (I work). Sujeto + am/are/is + verbo en progresivo (I am working). 1.- I'm in school, studying, learning and practicing my English. 2.- I'm at home doing homework for English class, talking on the phone and watching TV. 3.-I am playing ball, chewing gum, running and drinking water in the park. 4.- I am very hungry!


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1-I'm playing foot-ball
2-she's drawing a picture
3-they're speaking spanish
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I´m eating a sandwich in the school.
She´s swimmig in the river with her friends.
You´re playing a football match.