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1) I am at school.
2) She is a teacher.
3)My friend is a football player.
4) My mum is at the dentist
5) My father is a doctor.
6) My sister is a flight attendant
7) I am a student.
8) My grandmother is a housewife.
9) My best friend is from Europe.
10) You are a good person.

1) I will be a teacher.
2) My sister is going to be at school.
3) You will be in America.
4) My friend is going to be a secretary.
5) My grandfather will be in his house tonight.
6) I'm going to be at your party next week.
7) You are going to be a tennis player.
8) I will be at home tonight.
9) My dad will be an artist.
10) She is going to be in the park.
gracias por las oraciones se lo agradezco :)